#1 Toronto Portable Bleacher Rentals | Aluminum Bleacher Seat Rentals - Looking for Low Stages & Choral Risers to rent in Toronto? We have the largest selection of Low stage risers available for rentals. Choose from our premier selection of low stage risers including: event stages, fashion stages, outdoor stages, concert stages. We are Toronto's largest stage rental company offering a wide selection of portable stages for weddings, corporate events and parties.
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#1 Bleacher Seating Rentals Toronto | Portable Bleacher Rentals Toronto
We are Toronto largest provider of aluminum bleacher seating rentals. Our bleachers are great for small crowds and audiences watching events indoor and outdoor. Looking for bleacher seatings for your sporting event, marathon, tennis, and event seating. We have a large selection of bleacher seating in Toronto available for rent. Our bleacher seats can hold up to 24 people on 4 rows. We are Toronto largest bleacher seating rental company.

Alluminum Bleacher Rentals Toronto

Bleacher Rentals Toronto   Bleacher Seating Rentals
Bleacher Seating Rentals Toronto   Portable Bleacher Rentals
Tip And Roll Bleacher Rentals   Aluminum Bleacher Seating
Bleacher Rental Company   Bleacher Seating Toronto
Portable Bleacher Rentals Toronto   Bleacher Seating for Rent
Delivery & Setup Rates
1-2 Items $300
3-4 Items $400
5-6 Items $500
2 Items - Minimum Order Quantity
Availability: Limited Dates. Booking Fast.
Bleacher Seating Rentals Toronto
The bleachers capacity of 24 people, 48 people, 96 people
Our bleachers are easy to move with our tip and roll feature
Our bleachers provide comfortable seating and elevated views
We rent bleacher seatings for sports, shows, festivals, parades
The bleacher seating can be used for indoor and outdoor events
Helpful Questions & Answers
What are the dimensions of the bleachers seating?
  The dimensions are 9' ft wide. 7' ft deep. 42" high (3.5'ft).
The height of each row is 8" apart going up 4 rows.
How many people can fit on the bleachers?
  On average; you can fit 6 people per row. With 4 rows; you can fit about 24 people.
What is the height for each row?
  First row: 18" High. Second row: 26" high.
Third row: 34" high. Fourth row: 42" high.
What's the difference between A1, A2, A3 Bleachers?
  All the bleachers are the exact same. The only difference is the quanity. A2 has 2 x bleachers and A3 has 3 x bleachers.
Can we move the bleachers to a different location?
  Yes. The bleachers have a tip-and-roll feature which means if you turn it on it's side; you can roll it on the wheels. We recommend using 2 people for this.
Can the bleachers be use for outdoor events?
  Our bleachers can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. They are made from strong and durable aluminum material.
A1 - Bleacher Seating - 24 People
4 Rows | 9' Length | 7' Depth | 24 Seats
1 x Bleachers | 10" Seats | 8" Rise
Aluminum Frame | Bleacher Seating
Portable Bleacher Rentals Toronto
Rates: $800 / 1 x Bleachers
A2 - Bleacher Seating - 48 People
4 Rows | 18' Length | 7' Depth | 48 Seats
2 x Bleachers | 10" Seats | 8" Rise
Aluminum Frame | Bleacher Seating
Portable Bleacher Rentals Toronto
Rates: $1600 / 2 x Bleachers
A3 - Bleacher Seating - 72 People
4 Rows | 27' Length | 7' Depth | 72 Seats
3 x Bleachers | 10" Seats | 8" Rise
Aluminum Frame | Bleacher Seating
Portable Bleacher Rentals Toronto
Rates: $2400 / 3 x Bleachers
Bleacher Seat Rentals Toronto
Bleacher Seating
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Renting Bleachers in Toronto
Toronto Sports Bleachers
Bleacher Seating Rentals from Toronto Event Rentals
We rent Bleachers in Toronto for Sporting and Outdoor Events
  We offer choral Bleacher Seating rentals for weddings and corporate events including parties, festivals, concert production, fundraisers, company picnics, parades, weddings, graduations, film production, university, schools, conventions, trade shows, church events, races & Walks, public speaking, grand openings, anniversary, corporate meetings, red carpet entrances.
Where to Rent Aluminum Bleacher Seating in Toronto?

We are Toronto's largest bleacher seating rental company.
We offer bleacher seating rentals for indoor and outdoor events.
We provide complete bleacher installation and tear down.

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