#1 Mannequin Rentals Toronto | Female Mannequin Rentals Toronto | Male Mannequin Rentals Toronto | Children Mannequin Rentals Toronto | We rent mannequins for fashion shows and clothing launches for events in Toronto. We have female mannequins, male mannequins, children mannequins, dress forms available for rentals. Our mannequins come in a variety of styles including matte white mannequins, gloss white mannequins, egghead shape mannequins. We have standing mannequins, sitting mannequins, children mannequins, child mannequins, kids mannequins in diferent heights and age groups. We rent white mannequins in Toronto.
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#1 Children Mannequin Rentals Toronto | Mannequin Rentals Toronto
We rent mannequins for trade shows, popup shops and retailers looking to display merchandise in a professional way. Our mannequins are ideas for clothing launches, uniform displays, merchandise and all clothing apparel. We have mannequins in both gloss and matte white finish. You can rent female mannequins, male mannequins, kids mannequins, dress forms, and torso forms for store launches, popup shops and wedding shows.
Dress Form Rentals Toronto
Kids Mannequin Rentals Toronto
Male Mannequin Rentals Toronto
Female Mannequin Rentals Toronto
Fitting Room Rentals Toronto
Nesting Table Rentals Toronto
Garment Rack Rentals Toronto
Clothes Hanger Rentals Toronto
Delivery & Pickup Rates
1-5 Items $200
6-10 Items $250
11-15 Items $300
16-20 Items $350
Availability: 10 days advance booking required.
Minimum Order: $500 spend required for booking.
Last Minute Booking: Under 7 days. $300 surcharge.
Payment Methods Accepted:
Helpful Questions & Answers
What type of finish do the mannequins have?
  We offer mannequins that are matte white finish and a glossy white finish. The glossy white finish is a shiny looking mannequin.

Can the arms and hands be adjusted?
  The arms can be slightly rotated at the shoulder joint but the hands are in a fixed position.
Toronto Kids Mannequin Rentals | Kids Mannequin Rentals Toronto
A1 - Kids Mannequin - 51" High
Glossy White Abstract Face | Children Mannequin
Fully Formed Hands/Feet | Unisex | Fiberglass
Kids Mannequin Rentals Toronto
Rates: $125 / Each
4 Set Package: $400
8 Set Package: $700
A2 - Kids Mannequin - 43" High
Bust 22.5" Waist 20.5" Hip 24" Height 3' 6"
Glossy White | Unisex | Fiberglass
Kids Mannequin Rentals Toronto
Rates: $125 / Each
4 Set Package: $400
8 Set Package: $700
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