#1 Street Festival Rentals Toronto | Marathon Race Rentals Toronto | Race Clock Rentals Toronto | Bleacher Seating Rentals Toronto | We rent Popup Tents, Portable Fences, Marathon Finish Lines, Race Clocks, and Bleacher Seatings for events in Toronto. We provide street festivals, marathon races, concerts with equipment required to hosts large events like portable bleacher seatings, race clocks, entrance banners, Marathon Start Lines. We have truss system, storage lockers, hailers, timers, and megaphones for large scale events. We have concert barricades, fences to keep crowds under control and security equipment to keep everyone safe.
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#1 Race Clock Rentals Toronto | Countdown Clock Rentals Toronto
We rent raceclocks, marathon clocks, race timers, and countdown clocks for events, and sporting competitions. Our countdown clocks and timers are used for grand opening events, timing competitions and marathon races across Toronto. We have commercial grade race clocks that are large and can be hung on a truss system or free standing support legs. Our clocks can be setup in many features with our remote control and changed time or reset. We have a few different colour and size options available.
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TV Rentals Toronto
iPad Rentals Toronto
Projector Rentals Toronto
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iPad Stand Rentals Toronto
Race Clock Rentals Toronto
Digital Kiosk Rentals Toronto
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Projector Screen Rentals Toronto
A1 - Race Clocks & Timers - 6" Numbers
6 Digit Clock | 7 Colours | 5" Number Size
Free Standing Tripod | Remote Control
Countdown | Timer | Race Clock | LED
Race Clock & Timer Rentals
Rates: $250 / Each
A2 - Race Clocks & Timers - 8" Numbers
6 Digit Clock | 7 Colours | 8 " Number Size
Free Standing Tripod | Remote Control
Countdown | Timer | Race Clock | LED
Race Clock & Timer Rentals
Rates: $300 / Each
A3 - Stop Watch with Button Switch
Digital Stop Watch | Button Switch | Race Competitions
2.3" Numbers | 6 Digital Displays | Button Switch
Press Button: Start / Stop / Start Again
Race Clock & Timer Rentals
Rates: $150 / Each
B1 - Period Countdown Clock
Dimensions: 48" L x 24" W
Count down from 9:59 or 99:59
Digital Countdown with Period.
Rates: $300 / Each
B2 - Days Countdown Clock
Countdown Timer | Days | Hours | Minutes | Seconds
LED Digital Display | Remote Control Options
Countdown to Start of Event | Wall Display Options
Race Clock & Timer Rentals
Rates: $250 / Each
B3 - Digital Scoreboard
Digital Scoreboard | Keeps track of home & away teams
Remote Control | Large LED Scoreboard
Rates: $250 / Each
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