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#1 Speakers & Mic Rentals Toronto | Audio & Visual Rentals Toronto
We rent DJ equipment including speakers, power speakers, audio speakers and mixers. We can provide you with wireless mics, microphones, lavalier mics for public speaking. Our audio & visual equipment team can help you setup speakers and microphones for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. Our speakers and microphones are great for weddings, public speaking, concerts and festivals. We can also provide projector screen rentals, portable stages and podiums for your event.
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Helpful Questions & Answers
What is a lavalier microphone?
  A lavalier microphone is a mic that is attached to the speakers shirt allowing them to be hands free and headset free. It's a natural way of speaking without having to use a hand or wear a headset.
Do the audio speakers have a plug in for music?
  Yes, we will provide an audio cable to plug in your laptop or phone for music.
Can you provide a sound technician for our event?
  We can provide a sound technician for $300/4 Hours.
After 4 hours you will be billed at a rate of $50/hr.

Can we plug in musical instruments to the system?
  Yes; our mixers allow for musical instruments to be plugged in for bands, concerts and live music performances.
Can we setup more than one microphone?
  Yes; you can setup multiple microphones including both wireless and handheld microphones.
Can the speakers be setup outside?
  Yes. We have rain covers for our audio speakers; but the mixers and microphones should be setup under a tent in case it rains.
Toronto Speaker & Mic Rentals | Speaker & Mic Rentals Toronto
Choose Delivery Options: Rates:
Customer: Pickup & Drop Off $250 / Logistic Fee
Basic Service: Drop off & Pickup Only Small
Full Service: Delivery, Setup, Tear Down, Pickup Small
* Does not include out of town, extended rentals or other surcharges.
Minimum Order: $500 spend required for booking.
Last Minute Booking: Under 7 days. $500 surcharge.
Rental Period: You have up to 72 hrs or 3 days for your rentals.
Refund Policy: Cancel 7 days before your event for a 100% full refund.
Additional Charges: Please read our FAQ's Page about surcharges.
We Accept the Following Payment Methods:
A1 - Speaker Package - 150 People
This package is perfect of crowds of up to 150 people.

This package includes:
2 x QSC K8.2 Speakers
2 x Speaker Stands
1 x Handheld Mic
1 x Microphone Stand
1 x 12 Channel Audio Mixer
1 x iPod Wire Connector
All Cables Included (Power / XLR)
Rates: $800 / Delivery: $200
A2 - Speaker Package - 250 People
This package is perfect of crowds of up to 250 people.

This package includes:
2 x QSC K10.2 Speakers
2 x Speaker Stands
1 x KW181 Subwoofer
2 x Handheld Mic
2 x Microphone Stand
1 x 12 Channel Audio Mixer
1 x iPod Wire Connector
All Cables Included (Power / XLR)
Rates: $1200 / Delivery: $300
A3 - Speaker Package - 400 People
This package is perfect of crowds of up to 400 people.

This package includes:
2 x QSC K10.2 Speakers
2 x QSC K8.2 Speakers
4 x Speaker Stands
4 x Handheld Mic
4 x Microphone Stand
1 x 12 Channel Audio Mixer
1 x iPod Wire Connector
All Cables Included (Power / XLR)
Rates: $1600 / Delivery: $400
B1 - Wireless Handheld Microphone
Great for singing | Public speaking
Concerts | Musicals | Band Instruments
Wireless Handheld | High Quality 
Receiver Box | Rechargeable Battery
Rates: $100 / Each
B2 - Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Great for public speaking while holding notes
Wireless | Attach to Shirt | High Quality 
Receiver Attaches to Waist / Belt
Rates: $100 / Each
B3 - Wireless Headset Microphone
Great for dancing Instructions | teaching
Headset Microphone | Wireless
Hip Receiver Box | Rechargeable Battery
Rates: $100 / Each
C1 - Walkie Talkies
Walkie Talkie | Long Range | Ear Piece Attachment
Quick Charge | USB Charge Connection
Ultra Thin | Light Weight | Belt Clip
Rates: $25 / Each
C2 - PA Systems & Hailers
Make public announcements quickly | Audio Hailers
Great for Stadium | Track & Field Events | Speakers
Horn Sounds | Comes with Mic & Audio Headset
Rates: $300 / Each
C3 - Boom Mic Stand
Boom Mic Stand | Adjustable Height
Commercial Mic Holder | High Quality
Rates: $50 / Each
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