#1 Fog Machine Rentals Toronto | Mirror Ball Rentals Toronto | Marquee Letter Rentals Toronto | Neon Sign Rentals Toronto | We rent Fog Machines, Mirror Balls, Marquee Letters, Neon Signs and Sparks Machines for events in Toronto. Our Fog Machines are great for wedding dances and stage performances. We have giant mirror balls for clubs, dance parties and birthday celebrations. Our marquee letter lights are great for weddings and branding message for trade shows and conferences. We have neon lights, disco lights, and sparks machines that can light up any venue. We also rent LED Glow Dance Floors and LED Glow Portable Event Bars.
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#1 Marquee Letter Rentals Toronto | Toronto Marquee Letter Rentals
We rent marquee letters in Toronto for parties, weddings and corporate events. We offer light letters for weddings, parties and corporate eventes. We have a large selection of what love letters, wedding letters, birthday letters, number lights available for rent in Toronto. Choose from our love letters, mr & mrs wedding letters, heart arches and initial letters for weddings.
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#4 Portable Bars #5 Chandeliers #6 Flower Walls
#7 Dance Floors #8 Marquee Letters #9 Champagne Walls
Helpful Questions & Answers
How much power is required for each marquee letter?
  Our wired letters draw ony 15 watts per letter. Uses 110 volt outlet. Our wireless letters are battery operated and require no power.
How long to the wireless marquee letters last for?
  The marquee letters are good for 8-10 hours on a full charge.
What size marquee letters do you have available?
  We have 4' ft high letters and 2' ft high letters available. The average width of our 4' ft letters is 32" and our 2' ft letters are 20".

How deep is the marquee letter lights?
  Our 4' ft letters are 8" deep and our 2' ft letters are 6" deep.
What are the marquee letters made of?
  The letters are made of steel metal material. They use LED lights. They lights are warm white. They require electricial outlet power.
How much do the marquee letters weigh?
  Each letter has a different weight depending on size. Our 4' ft letters range from 40-60 lbs. Our 2' ft letters weigh around 15-25 lbs.
Toronto Marquee Letter Rentals | Marquee Letter Rentals Toronto
Quantity Delivery Rates
1-3 Letters $200
4-6 Letters $300
7-10 Letters $400
11-20 Letters $500
  Booking & Payment Information
Under 14 Days: There is a $300 last minute booking surcharge.
Under 7 Days: There is a $500 last minute booking surcharge.
Rental Period: You have up to 72 hrs or 3 days for your rentals.
Refund Policy: Cancel 7 days before your event for a 100% full refund.
Additional Charges: Please read our FAQ's Page about surcharges.
We Accept the Following Payment Methods:
A1 - LED Marquee Letters - 4' ft
4' ft High | Letters from A-Z | Free Standing
Made of Metal | White Colour | LED Bulbs
Average Weight: 30 Lbs | Power Outlet Required

Add Balloon Garlands: $300
Add Marquee Letter Risers: $50
Rates: $150 / Each
A2 - LED Marquee Numbers - 4' ft
We have Marquee Numbers from 0-9
Numbers are Made of Metal | With LED Lights
Average Weight: 30 Lbs | Power Outlet Required

Add Balloon Garlands: $300
Add Marquee Letter Risers: $50
Rates: $150 / Each
A3 - Marquee Letter Risers
We have risers and platforms for Marquee letters.
Add a bit of style to your letters. Make them more visible.

Dimensions: 36" L x 20" W x 14" H

Available in Black or White Colours
Rates: $100 / Each
B1 - Colour Marquee Letters - 4' ft High
100% Wireless | Colour Changing | 10 Hours
Battery Operated | No Outlet Required | Remote Control
Lighting Options: Constant | Flash | Fade | Strobe

Features 12 x Different Colours
Indoor & Outdoor Use | No Wires | No Hassle
Rates: $300 / Each
B2 - Flower Marquee Letters - 4' ft High

Artificial Flower | Marqueee Letters | Free Standing
4' ft High | Various Width | Support Base

Custom Flowers & Colours Available

Rates: $300 / Each
B3 - Hedge Marquee Letters - 4' ft High

Artificial Hedge | Marqueee Letters | Free Standing
4' ft High | Various Width | Support Base

Rates: $300 / Each
C1 - Marquee Letters - Free Standing Post
2' ft White Letters | Support Pole | White Base
Various Pole Colours | 6' ft High | White Planter
Rates: $250 / Each
C2 - Marquee Letters - Grass Stakes
2' ft White Letters | Support Pole | Black Base
Various Pole Colours | 6' ft High | Grass Stakes
Rates: $250 / Each
C3 - Marquee Balloon Garlands
Accent your Marquee Letters with our balloon garlands.
Various colours available.
Rates: $500
OSGOODE Marquee Letters
Our marquee letters were used for the OSGOODE formal party.
The letters are a great way to lighten up the mood and take photos with friends.

Marquee Letters are great for Graduations
1967 Marquee Numbers
Our marquee light up numbers were used to celebrate the school anniversary. The numbers are great for bithdays, sweet 17, and NEW Years celebrations.

Marquee Letters are great for Graduations
LOVE Marquee Letters
Marquee Letters are great for weddings, proposals and celebrations.
Our marquee Love letters were very popular this year for newly weds.

Marquee Letters are great for Weddings
LUMINATO Marquee Letters
Who doesn't love Marquee letters for festivals and parties.
We rented marquee letters across Toronto for festivals, and parties.

Marquee Letters are great for Corporate Parties
Marquee Letters at Toronto Event Rentals
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