#1 Tropical Plant Rentals Toronto | Tropical Tree Rentals Toronto | Cherry Blossom Tree Rentals Toronto | Olive Tree Rentals Toronto | We rent Tropical Plants, Tropical Trees, Cherry Blossom Trees and Olive Trees for events in Toronto. When you add trees and plants to a venue; you instantly create wamth and a welcoming feeling to your event. We have artificial trees and plants that can be used indoors and outdoors events. Our artificial trees and pants come with a beautiful fibergloss planter that make them look beautiful. We rent palm trees, birch trees, cherry blossom trees and olive trees which are the most popular wedding trees rented.
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#1 Trees & Plant Rentals Toronto | Palm Tree Rentals Toronto
We rent trees, plants and palm trees for events in Toronto. All our trees are artificial and are great for indoor and outdoor events. We carry planters, hedges, tropical flowers and palm trees for events looking for a more tropical feel. We have hedges, boxwood hedges, and hedge walls available for backdrop and creating privacy. We custom build wall flowers for events looking to brand and attach their logos. Our hedge walls and flower walls are great for photo backdrops, wedding backdrops and parties.
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#7 Dance Floors #8 Marquee Letters #9 Champagne Walls
Tropical Plants
Our tropical plants and potted plants are great for adding warmth and summer vibes to any venue. These life like plants will complete the look for your next corporate event.
Accent Planters
We rent accent planters, tropical planters and artificial palnts for events, offices, and corporate parties.
Accent Trees
We rent small accent trees, ficus trees and more for the living room. These trees are smalle than our usual trees and are great for keeping a venue warm.
Large Trees
We rent large trees, lush trees, wide trees that take up a lot of space. Make a statement with our ultra large and tall trees for rent.
Flower Arch
We rent flower arches, floral backdrops for weddings and birthdays. Choose from our large selection of custom made flower arches.
Rose Trees | Bougainvillea Trees
We have beautiful bougainvillea trees which consist of flower blooms. They are colourful trees and great for weddings and spring time events.
Cherry Blossom Trees
We have flower decors, giant flowers, wedding flowers for rent in Toronto. We create flower arrangements for weddings and parties in Toronto.
Autumn Trees | Birch Trees
We rent birch trees, Japanese Maple trees, Canadian Maple trees and autumn trees. Browse our selection of artificial trees available for rent for your next party, wedding and corporate event.
Wisteria Trees
We rent wisteria trees for weddings, parties and corporate events. Our wisteria trees are beautiful and can be used for indoor and outdoor events.
Lemon, Orange & Apple Trees
We rent fruit trees and decor trees for events in Toronto. We have a variety of different apple trees, orange trees, and lemon trees available for rent.
Weeping Willows | Ficus Trees
We have a large selection of artificial trees and green trees for rent. Our artificial trees include ficus trees, palm trees, bamboo trees. Add a special greenery feel to your next event.
Olive Trees | Eucalyptus Trees
We rent olive trees and eucalyptus trees for weddings, parties and events. All our olive trees are beautiful and are great for wedding rentals in Toronto.
Palm Trees | Tropical Trees
We rent palm trees in Toronto for events. We have artificial palm trees, coconut palm trees, date palm trees available for rentals for weddings, parties and corporate events in Toronto.
Modern Palm Trees
We have white palm trees for rent. We custom make palm trees, cherry blossom trees in white for clients looking to add decor and tree props to their event. We rent white trees for parties and weddings.
Lighted Palm Trees
Lighted palm trees are great for night events or indoor events. Lighted palm trees create a beautiful vibe and can accent your palm trees.
Tropical Palm Montage.
We rent tropical foliage to help you transfer your event space into a tropical oasis. We create custom palm trees, amazon trees, and decor.
Tropical Flower Montage.
We rent Hawaii theme plants, flowers and decor. Rent our tropical Hawaii montage for your next beach, summer and tropical party.
Flower Trees | Flower Bush
We rent flower trees, small accent trees, wedding trees for parties and events. We custom make artificial trees in Toronto.
Giant Flower Trees
We rent giant flowers, artificial flowers for party themes and events. Create a beautiful accent piece for your wedding, birthday or corporate event.
Pre Lit Trees | Birch Trees
We have a large selection of white trees, white light trees, birch trees, christmas trees, crystal white trees and artificial white decor trees available for rent in Toronto.
Christmas Trees
We rent Christmas trees including Christmas Tree Decorationg services. We offer flocked Christmas trees, white christmas trees, and pre-lit christmas trees for events in Toronto.
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