#1 Bleacher Rentals Toronto | Choral Riser Rentals Toronto | Seated Bleacher Rentals Toronto | Wedding Stage Riser Rentals Toronto | We rent bleachers, choral risers and wedding stage risers for events in Toronto. We carry a large selection of portable stages for indoor and outdoor events. If you're lookign for bleacher seating we have portable bleachers for rent including aluminum bleachers, gym bleachers, outdoor bleachers that are easy to move and transport. Our bleachers are used for sporting events, trade shows, product demos where seating is required for large audiences. We also rent choral risers and seated risers for events in Toronto.
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#1 Portable Bleacher Rentals Toronto | Outdoor Bleacher Rentals Toronto
We rent bleachers for sporting events, trade show and workshops. Our bleachers are great for creating seating in small venues, gyms and outdoor events for parades, basketball games and volleyball tournaments. Our bleachers are made of aluminum material making them strong and light weight. You can easily transport our bleachers to any location as they are mobile and on wheels. We rent bleachers and choral risers for events in Toronto looking for seating options.
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Helpful Questions & Answers
What are the dimensions of the bleachers seating?
  The dimensions are 9' ft wide. 7' ft deep. 42" high (3.5'ft).
The height of each row is 8" apart going up 4 rows.
How many people can fit on the bleachers?
  On average; you can fit 6 kids per row or 5 adults per row. With 4 rows; you can fit about 24 kids or 20 adults.
What is the height of the bleacher in transportation?
  When we transport the bleachers; we tilt it up and we roll it. The clearance height of the bleachers is 7' ft high.
Can we move the bleachers to a different location?
  Yes. The bleachers have a tip-and-roll feature which means if you turn it on it's side; you can roll it on the wheels. We recommend using 2 people for this.
What is the height for each row?
  First row: 18" High. Second row: 26" high.
Third row: 34" high. Fourth row: 42" high.
What is the width of the bleacher in transportation?
  When we transport the bleachers; we tilt it up and we roll it. The width of the bleachers is 3.5' ft wide.
Toronto Bleacher Seat Rentals | Bleacher Seat Rentals Toronto
Quantity Rates Delivery
2 x Bleachers $900 / Set $300
4 x Bleachers $1800 / Set $400
6 x Bleachers $2400 / Set $500
Minimum Order: $500 spend required for booking.
Last Minute Booking: Under 7 days. $500 surcharge.
Rental Period: You have up to 72 hrs or 3 days for your rentals.
Refund Policy: Cancel 7 days before your event for a full refund.
Additional Charges: Please read our FAQ's Page about surchages.
We Accept the Following Payment Methods:
A1 - 2 x Bleacher Seating - 40 People
4 Rows | 5 Adults Per Row | 40 Adults
Seat Height Rise: 21", 28", 35", 42"
Overall Dimensions: 9' W x 7' D x 42" H
Aluminum Frame | Foot Rest | 10" Seats

Single Bleacher: $900
Rates: $1800 / Delivery: $300
A2 - 4 x Bleacher Seating - 80 People
4 Rows | 5 Adults Per Row | 80 Adults
Seat Height Rise: 21", 28", 35", 42"
Overall Dimensions: 9' W x 7' D x 42" H
Aluminum Frame | Foot Rest | 10" Seats
Rates: $3200 / Delivery: $400
A3 - 6 x Bleacher Seating - 120 People
4 Rows | 5 Adults Per Row | 120 Adults
Seat Height Rise: 21", 28", 35", 42"
Overall Dimensions: 9' W x 7' D x 42" H
Aluminum Frame | Foot Rest | 10" Seats
Rates: $4800 / Delivery: $500
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