#1 Foosball Table Rentals Toronto | Air Hockey Table Rentals Toronto | Ping Pong Table Rentals Toronto | Blackjack Table Rentals Toronto | We rent foosball tables, blackjack tables, poker tables, ping pong tables and air hockey tables for events in Toronto. If you are looking to entertain your guests; try renting our giant jenga game, or inflatble games for your next corporate event. You'll make your guests happy with our air hockey table or foosball table which are always a popular hit with guests. We have a great selection of game rentals including poker tables, prize spin wheels, blackjack tables and ping pong tables for all ages and events.
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#1 Carnival Game Rentals Toronto | Casino Game Rentals Toronto
Carnival games are great for festivals, kids and adults. Typical carnival games usually involve some sort of activity where you win a prize or toys. We have booths that can facilitate games, contests and prize give aways. We have some simple gambling games, prize wheels and actities that anyone can play that are very enjoyable. Most of our carnival games are portable and easy to setup.
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#1 Glow Furniture #2 Palm Trees #3 Marquee Letters
#4 Hedge Walls #5 Flower Walls #6 Champagne Walls
#7 Balloon Decor #8 Dance Floors #9 Portable Bars
Toronto Carnival Game Rentals | Carnival Game Rentals Toronto
Choose Delivery Options: Rates:
Customer: Pickup & Drop Off $150 / Logistic Fee
Basic Service: Drop Off & Pickup Only Small
Full Service: Delivery, Setup, Tear Down, Pickup Small
Under 14 Days: Add $300 Under 7 Days: Add $500
* Does not include out of town, extended rentals or other surcharges.
  Booking & Payment Information
Under 14 Days: There is a $300 last minute booking surcharge.
Under 7 Days: There is a $500 last minute booking surcharge.
Rental Period: You have up to 72 hrs or 3 days for your rentals.
Refund Policy: Cancel 7 days before your event for a 100% full refund.
Additional Surcharges: Please read our FAQ's Page about surcharges.
Payment Methods Accepted:
S1 - Limbo Pole Game - 6ft

Limbo Pole Game | Wood Pole | Wood Stand
Free standing | Wide Base | Different Levels
Dimensions: 72" W x 16" D x 72" H

Rates: $300 / Each
S2 - Tug of War Rope - 50' ft Length

50' ft Length | Tug of War Rope | 2" Thick Rope

Rates: $250 / Each
A1 - Ring Toss - Carnival Games

Ring Toss | Bottles | Rings Included
Free Standing Kiosk | Carnival Colours
Dimensions: 30" H x 24" D x 72" W

10 x Rings Included

Rates: $300 / Each
A2 - Knock Down - Carnival Games

Tin Can Knock Down | Tin Can | Plastic Balls
Free Standing Kiosk | Carnival Colours
Dimensions: 30" H x 24" D x 72" W

3 x Balls Included

Rates: $300 / Each
A3 - Bean Bag Toss - Carnival Games

Bean Bag Toss | 4 Targets | Carnival Games
Free Standing Kiosk | Carnival Colours
Dimensions: 48" H x 24" D x 72" W

4 x Bean Bags included

Rates: $300 / Each
B1 - Balloon Popper - Carnival Games

Balloon Wall | Pop the Ballon win | 10 x Darts
Free Standing Kiosk | Carnival Colours
Dimensions: 48" H x 24" D x 60" W

10 x Darts Included

Rates: $300 / Each
B2 - Higher Lower - Carnival Games

High Low Card Game | Card Wall | Large Cards
Free Standing Kiosk | Carnival Colours
Dimensions: 30" H x 24" D x 72" W

Cards Included

Rates: $250 / Each
B3 - Rock Paper Scissors - Sports Game
Rock Paper Scissors | Box Game
Dimensions: 20" W x 30" L x 20" H
Rates: $250 / Each
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