#1 White Picket Fence Rentals Toronto | Portable Fence Rentals Toronto | Concert Barricade Rentals Toronto | Wall Panel Rentals Toronto | We rent white picket fences, portable fences, concert barricades, and portable wall panels for events in Toronto. Our white picket fences are use to create dog parks, block off areas, and create an exclusive perimeter around using our white picket fences. We also rent portable fences for marathon races, street festivals and protests. We have concert barricades to protect artists around stages and keep fans in their place. We have portable wall panels to create offices or divide rooms for meetings and conferences.
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#1 Concert Barricade Rentals Toronto | Portable Fence Rentals Toronto
We rent portable fences for events, construction sites, condos and parking lots that are looking to create a private entrance or block a certain area off. Our portable fences are made of metal and are 6' ft in length. We have portable fences in two different heights, including 3' ft high and 6' ft high fences. Portable fences are great for directing traffic and blocking streets from cars and traffic. We rent portable fences for events including marathon races, parades, street festivals and more.
Low Fence Rentals Toronto
High Fence Rentals Toronto
Hedge Wall Rentals Toronto
Portable Wall Rentals Toronto
Privacy Fence Rentals Toronto
Boxwood Hedge Rentals Toronto
Outdoor Portable Fence Rentals Toronto
Portable Fence Rentals Toronto
Dog Park Fence Rentals Toronto
Temporary Fence Rentals Toronto
Concert Barricade Rentals Toronto
White Picket Fence Rentals Toronto
Construction Fence Rentals Toronto
Portable Wall Panel Rentals Toronto
A1 - Low Fence Barrier - 8' ft
8' ft Wide Barricade | 43" High
Interlocking Hooks | Steel Materia

Portable Event Fence Rentals
Quantity Rates Delivery
1-25 $60 / Each $200
26-50 $55 / Each $300
51-75 $50 / Each $400
76-100 $45 / Each $500
A2 - High Fence Barrier - 7.5 ' ft
7.5' W x 6' H | Steel | Temporary Fence
Wide Base Feet | Connecting Fences

Portable Event Fence Rentals
Quantity Rates Delivery
1-25 $70 / Each $200
26-50 $65 / Each $300
51-75 $60 / Each $400
76-100 $55 / Each $500
A3 - Concert Barricades - 4' ft
Heavy-Duty Barricade | Weight: 122 lbs
Barricades lock together side-by-side
Dimension: 54.85” L x 48” W x 48” H

Concert & Stage Barricades
Rates: $125 / Each
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