#1 Pre-Lit Tree Rentals Toronto | White Birch Tree Rentals Toronto | Planters & Pot Rentals Toronto | Grass Planter Rentals Toronto | We rent Artificial Trees, Pre-Lit Trees, White Birch Trees, Planters, Pots and Grass Planters for events in Toronto. We provide artificial trees, plants and flowers for decorating parties, weddings and corporate events. Our pre-lit trees are great for Christmas and night events. We have planters, pots and containers for trees and plants to match any design look and theme. We also provide tropical plants, tropical flowers, boxwood hedges, flower walls for weddings; we can help install logos on our hedge walls for branding.
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#1 Grass Planter Rentals Toronto | Palm Tree Rentals Toronto
We rent accent plants, palm trees, hedges, palm trees and artificial trees for events including weddings, parties and trade shows. We carry a large selection of tropical trees, flowers, boxwood hedges and topiaries that can compliment your venue and add warmth to an empty space. Our trees and plants are a great addition to any lounge or party as they help make rooms smaller and move friendly. We provide rentals of cherry blossom trees for weddings, hedge walls for photo backdrops and more.
What's Popular Right Now!
All Party Themes Trees, Flowers, Plants Chandeliers
Champagne Walls Balloon Decor Portable Bars
LED Glow Furniture Marquee Letters Dance Floors
R1 - Ivy Hedge Planter - 36" H
Artificial Plant | Green Ivy | 36" High | 10" W
Wood Planter | Indoor or Outdoor Use

Available in Black or White Planter
Length Dimensions Rates
4' ft 48" L x 10" W x 36" H $200 / Each
6' ft 72" L x 10" W x 36" H $300 / Each
8' ft 96" L x 10" W x 36" H $400 / Each
R2 - L Shaped Grass Planters - 40" H
L-Shaped Planter | Rustic Brown | Artificial Grass
Wood Planter | Indoor or Outdoor Use
Dimensions: 48" L x 24" W x 40" H
Rates: $300 / Each
R3 - Tall Grass Planters - 48" H
Tall Green Grass | Artificial Grass
Wood Planter | Indoor or Outdoor Use
Dimensions: 14" L x 14" W x 48" H

Available in Brown, Black or White Planter
Rates: $150 / Each
C1 - Bolivia Wood Planter - 4' ft
Leafy Plant | Artificial Plant | Tall Wood Planters
Dimensions: 48" H x 14" D x 36" L
Rates: $250 / Each
C2 - Tall Grass Planter - 3' ft
Tall Grass | Wood Planters
Dimensions: 36" H x 12" D x 36" L
Rates: $250 / Each
C3 - Tall Sansa Planter - 5' ft
Snake Plants | Wood Planters | Rustic Charm
Dimensions: 60" H x 14" D x 14" L
Rates: $150 / Each
A1 - Lush Grass Planter - 3' ft
Lush Grass | Artificial Plant
Dimensions: 36" H x 14" D x 48" L
Rates: $250 / Each
A2 - Sansa Planter - 4' ft
Sansa Plant | Artificial Plant
Dimensions: 48" H x 12" D x 42" L
Rates: $250 / Each
A3 - Black Sansa Planter - 5' ft
Artificial Snake Plant | Black Planter | 5' ft High
Dimensions: 60" H x 12" D x 42" L
Rates: $250 / Each
B1 - Bush Hedge Planter - 4' ft
Bush Hedge | Black Planters
Dimensions: 36" H x 14" D x 48" L
Rates: $250 / Each
B2 - Tall Grass Planter - 4' ft
Bush Hedge | Black Planters
Dimensions: 36" H x 14" D x 48" L
Rates: $250 / Each
B3 - Bush Hedge Planter - 4' ft
Bush Hedge | Black Planters
Dimensions: 24" H x 14" D x 48" L
Rates: $250 / Each
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