#1 Christmas Tree Rentals Toronto | White Christmas Tree Rentals Toronto | Santa Gift Box Rentals Toronto | Giant Nutcracker Rentals Toronto | We rent Christmas Trees and Christmas Decorations for events in Toronto. Our Christmas trees are artificial and come with pre-lit lights making them easy to setup. We rent White Christmas Trees, Pre-lit Christmas Trees, Gift Boxes, Reindeers, Nutcracker Statues, and Decorations. We can setup Christmas Trees with gift boxes and decorations for your corporate office. We also rent Christmas trees for movies including gift boxes, nutcracker statues, reindeers, and santa sleighs for Christmas.
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#1 Christmas Tree Rentals Toronto | Christmas Decor Rentals Toronto
Christmas trees are a must have during the holiday season. We help venues, stores, offices and homes decorate their entrances and lobbies with beautiful Christmas trees and decorations. We have a great selection of Christmas trees at different height and sizes. a decorated Christmas tree can instantly create warmth and a welcoming message for everyone who sees it. We have pre-lit Christmas trees, santa mail boxes and giant nutcrackers available.
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Delivery & Pickup Rates
1-3 Items $200
4-6 Items $300
7-9 Items $400
10-12 Items $500
Availability: 10 days advance booking required.
Minimum Order: $500 spend required for booking.
Last Minute Booking: Under 7 days. $300 surcharge.
Rental Period: You have up to 72 hrs or 3 days for your rentals.
Payment Methods Accepted:
Helpful Questions & Answers
Do you provide Christmas tree decoration services?
  Yes we do. Our professionals will decorate your tree to make it look beautiful. The cost is based on tree size.
Can you add some gift boxes under our trees?
  We can add pre-lit gift boxes that will compliment your decorated tree. All our gift boxes are empty and light weight.
Do you have any trees that aren't pre-lit?
  All our trees are pre-lit trees but you can unplug them.

Do you offer long term Christmas tree rentals?
  Yes we do. Depending on the size of your tree and decorations required. We typically charge $150 / week for long term rentals.
What is the tallest Christmas tree you carry?
  The tallest tree we have is a 12' ft green pre-lit Christmas tree. We carry small, medium and large Christmas trees in green and white.
Can you decorate our front lobby with Christmas decor?
  Our professional designers can help make your lobby or front office beautiful and attractive for any event.
Toronto Christmas Tree Rentals | Christmas Tree Rentals Toronto
A1 - Pre Lit Christmas Tree - 7' ft
7' H x 5' W | Artificial Christmas Trees
1000 White Lights | Metal Frame & Stand
Rates: $300 / Delivery: $200
Decorations & Gifts: $300
A2 - Pre Lit Christmas Tree - 9' ft
9' H x 5' W | Artificial Christmas Trees
1400 White Lights | Metal Frame & Stand
Rates: $500 / Delivery: $200
Decorations & Gifts: $400
A3 - Pre Lit Christmas Tree - 12' ft
12' H x 6' W | Artificial Christmas Trees
2000 White Lights | Metal Frame & Stand
Rates: $700 / Delivery: $200
Decorations & Gifts: $500
B1 - White Christmas Tree - 7' ft
7' ft - White Pre-Lit Christmas Trees
7' H x 4' W | White Christmas Trees
150 White Lights | Metal Frame & Stand
Rates: $300 / Delivery: $200
Decorations & Gifts: $300
B2 - White Christmas Tree - 9' ft
9' ft - White Pre-Lit Christmas Trees
9' H x 5' W | White Christmas Trees
500 White Lights | Metal Frame & Stand
Rates: $500 / Delivery: $200
Decorations & Gifts: $400
B3 - White Christmas Tree - 12' ft
12' ft - White Pre-Lit Christmas Trees
12' H x 6' W | White Christmas Trees
650 White Lights | Metal Frame & Stand
Rates: $700 / Delivery: $200
Decorations & Gifts: $500
C1 - Christmas Tree Decorations
We decorate your trees with all the beautiful ornaments. Presents and Poinsettia plants not included.
Rates: $300 S / $400 M / $500 L
C2 - Christmas Tree Skirt
Red & White Velvet Skirt | 48" Diameter
Beautiful and Elegant | Round | Decorations
Rates: $50 / Each
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